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Thursday, 21 May 2015 10:02

I Need to Switch!

Difficulty committing to your scheduled Work Duty?

We understand it is difficult to pick a work duty date well in advance, as situations can arise that make it difficult or even impossible to attend your assigned shift and fulfill your obligation.  We too are faced with the logistical problem of planning ahead and properly staffing before we even know our game schedule.  There are options however.

Pleae review the Work Duty Policy


Is your shift less than 30 days out?

Option 1 - You can find another scheduled worker to switch places.  Just login to this site in order to view the complete work duty schedule, locate someone you know (or not) and reach out to see if they would be willing to switch.  Thier name, number and email address is available (hence the reason you must login, to protect this).  If you find a willing person, you MUST notify the Work Duty Coordinator and receive confirmation in order to make it official.  You can email directly to

Option 2 - Find a replacement.  This could be a family member, friend or child of a friend provided they meet the Minimum Age requirement.   If you find a willing person, you MUST notify the Work Duty Coordinator and receive confirmation in order to make it official.  You can email directly to


Is your shift more than 30 days out?


Both Options above are yours, as well as

Option 3 - Exercise the Work Duty Buyout After Registration.  You may still do a buyout, but only if 30 days or more out. Simply contact the Work Duty Coordinator to get the link to make your payment. You can email directly to




You MUST sign-in when you report for work duty.  This sign-off report is reviewed nightly, and any missing signatures simply means that person was a No-Show, and will be assessed a penalty, even if they claim to have worked their shift. This report is the only way of knowing if someone actually showed up for work.  Please do not forget this important step, and the manager will do all they can to double check with workers to ensure they have signed in.  But operations is hectic, and it is not incumbent upon the manager to do this, the onus lies on you.


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