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Lacrosse Registration

Registration opens January 24


5th/6th  & 7t/8th Grade Boys ONLY*

Registration Fee: $90 There is no concession duty requirement

8 games

Games will be on Saturdays at a central location to be determined by CYC There will be two practices a week (nights TBD) beginning in around March 1st 

PLAYERS ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR THE FOLLOWING EQUIPMENT: Gloves, Arm Pads, Shoulder Pads, Helmet, Mouthpiece, Stick, Cleats, and Athletic Supporter/Cup (New this will run roughly $400 but you can get it used pretty easily for under $200)

Any questions, contact Eric Depke at nddepke@hotmail.com

If you have Lacrosse experience and are interested in coaching a team in another division, please contact Eric Depke: nddepke@hotmail.com



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