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Do I need to login here?

There are two sites, and consequently two accounts, which are managed by you;  The QAS Web site (where you are now) and the Sports Management System (CYC Sports, work duty,...).  Neither site at this time can handle all of the online registrations and information sharing as of yet.

TIP: Since there are two accounts, it can be easy to mix up username/password.  Synchronize them.  Once you are logged into the QAS website, there will be a menu item on the left where you can modify your account.  Set the username and password to be the same as the Sports Management System.    

Registering for a CYC Sport?

If you are looking to register for a CYC Sport (Baseball, softball, teeball, soccer, volleyball or basketball), go to the Registration section your specific Sport and follow the directions for registration.  There should be a Registration button on each sport's page if the registration is open.  You CANNOT register for a sport by going directly to the SPorts Management System, it must be from the respective pages on this system.

Looking for your Work Duty?

You can find the latest work duty schedule to the left, but you must login to this site first as it contains contact information. This is the master listing of all workers and is useful when trying to find someone to switch with.

You can also login to your account on the Sport Management System where you signed up initially, and find your assigned duty on your home page there.

My Events

If you have registered for an event managed by this site, like Golf Tournament, Fun Run or Knights' Crusade 3v3, you will need to login here (upper right corner) and you may then access your Event Registration. 

My Orders

Did you purchase merchandise, maybe tickets to Trivia Night?  You can find that here.


  My Events My Orders 

Sports Management System

Trivia Night   GO  
Merchandise   X  
Raffle Tickets   X  
Baseball/Softball/Teeball       GO
Golf     X
3rd Grade Basketball Tournament     GO
Intramural Basketball      GO
Soccer       GO
Volleyball      GO
Knights' Crusade 3v3 X    
Annual Golf Tournament X    
Fun Run X    
Basketball     GO
Fall Classic     GO








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This is NOT for CYC sports registrations.