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Welcome QAS Chess Info Page

CYC Chess is coming to QAS!  This is a program to allow existing chess players (through 8th grade) the opportunity to participate in CYC Chess tournaments. No practices will be held. 

The program cost will be $50 which includes: 

  • Four Tournaments
  • Championship Tournament (if player qualifies)
  • QAS Chess T-shirt

Please review dates before registering. While you are not required to participate in all tournament dates,  RSVP will be required prior to each tournament as an accurate tournament roster must be submitted in advance of each tournament. We are unable to offer alternative dates and no fees will be refunded.  

Match Dates will be on Saturday Morning (and last into the afternoon):

Note: CYC card is not required.  However, players 3rd grade and up must have a USCF (US Chess Federation) membership card.  It is parents' responsibility to obtain such. USCF card may be purchased on site at the tournament (discount available first come first serve) or online at

Tournament dates are as follows:  

1.  December 8th @ St.Peter (Kirkwood)

2.  January 219th @ St. James the Greater

3.  February 9th @ St. Louis University

4.  March 2nd @ St. Margaret Mary Alacoque

5.  March 23rd @ CBC (finals)

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