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Baseball, Softball & Intramural

Welcome to Queen of All Saints' Athletic site for our CYC Baseball & Softball and Intramural Baseball/Softball (PK-2nd grade).

Registration opens December 1. See the Registration section for more information.

Our program begins with Teeball for PK and K aged children.  Children learn to hit from a coach's pitch as well as off a tee.  Teams are very small to allow more play time and coaches to dedicate quality time to each child. As such, teams will be merge in 1st grade.  Your child must be in Pre-K in January (time of registration) 

1st and 2nd grade is still Intramural ball, and begins the "Pitching Machine League (PML)".  The teams move to the larger diamonds, typically 3 & 4, and games use pitching machines.  

3rd grade begins CYC, and by 5th grade OPEN/CLOSED status is used.  You can expect additional team merging in 3rd & 4th grade, and possible team realignment in 5th or 6th grade based upon a player's OPEN/CLOSED status. 


Team Formation Policy Team formation is completed by the Lay Director of each sport. All attempts are made to equally balance a team among the day schools (QAS, Point, Rogers, Wohlwend, OMS) at the time they are first formed. During the registration process parents can request a specific team, manager or friend to play but there is no guarantee the request will be granted. Once a player is assigned to a team he/she will remain on the same team provided the team remains together, unless it is determined by the Lay Director a change is needed. If a player is classified a “closed” player and assigned to an “open” team, he/she has the option of moving to a “closed” team. There is NO GUARANTEE a player will be assigned to the team requested.

 Please review the Athletic Policy prior to registration.

 Thank you...

 "Let's Play Ball!"




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