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Rules (Pitching Machine League & Teeball)

Queen of All Saints Instructional Program

Teeball is for PK and K aged children, which is coach pitch and if needed, the children hitting off of a tee.  Teams are very small to allow more play time and coaches to dedicate quality time to each child. 2013 brings a new and better format to the Teeball program, with smaller teams and a practice immediately followed by a game in the same night. 

The concept of the combined practice/game format is to allow for smaller sided games where players are able to have more opportunities to hit and field in a game format. Teams will have a 30 minute practice and 40 minute game for each scheduled “game.” 





Pitching Machine League (PML) is for 1st and 2nd grade, and is still Intramural ball.  The teams move to the larger diamonds, typically 3 & 4, and as the name states, pitching machines are used instead of coaches. This helps to transition from the "rainbow" style of coach pitch in teeball, to a more direct pitch. But since the majority of 1st and 2nd graders cannot deliver consistent pitches, a machine is used.  Not all parishes have or use machines, some still use a coach in this league.




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