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Online Registration Terms & Conditions

* * * * * READ CAREFULLY! * * * * *

Please review the Terms and Conditions stated below.  By clicking on "Accept", you are a member of the QAS Activities Association and are acknowledging that you have read, understood, and accept these Terms and Conditions as well as the following policies (links) to which they refer.

Athletic Policy            Work Duty Policy             Refund Policy



READ THE WORK DUTY POLICY!!!  It explains what to do in case of conflict, shift change, rain-outs, finding replacements,...  Bookmark the policy page or download the PDF.  

If you have questions, submit them to
  • A work duty shift or equivalent buyout is required with each CYC sport, one per family.
  • It is MY responsibility to keep track of my shift date.  Reminders are only a courtesy.
  • Failure to show up for work duty will result in a NO-SHOW penalty charge against my credit card. ($150, subject to change, reference policy).

My family obligation funds our sports programs and helps to provide our children with the best possible facilities, equipment and uniforms. It is our family's obligation to fulfill our Stewardship obligation by working in the concession stand or on specified field days.  Failure to comply will result in our child not being allowed to participate in subsequent sports and a penalty assessed as a reference charge against my credit card.   Please reference the Work Duty Policy for more information. 



  • Every player participating in CYC sports (intramural excluded) must have a CYC photo identification card.
  • Managers are required to have a Coaching Concept card and
  • Coaches and Coaching Assistants must have a Coaching Concept card. Please reference Coaching Requirements at for a list of all the requirements for Managers and Coaches.


It is my responsibility to ensure that my child's uniforms are returned in a clean, undamaged condition.  Failure to return uniforms promptly may result in my account put on "hold" subsequently blocking future registrations until the uniform is returned and/or forfeiture of equivalent funds ($75) as a reference charge against my credit card.

Uniforms are the property of the QAS Activities Association and must be returned at the end of each sports season.  2-3 uniform return dates will be scheduled by the Uniform Coordinators after playoffs of each sport season.  Every effort will be made to communicate uniform return dates through managers/coaches, postings on the QAS Activities Association website, e-mail announcements from 

Managers/coaches are no longer responsible for collecting/returning team's uniforms.



  • If a child cannot be placed on a QAS team, all registration fees are fully refunded and work duty is excused. 
  • Requests for refunds before team formation is complete will receive a full refund and work duty excused. 
  • Once team formation is complete, no refunds will be granted (except for season-ending injury/illness.) Work duty will be excused.
  • Other circumstances not explicitly listed may qualify for partial or full refund.  Registrants should submit a formal request through the appropriate sport's Lay Director for consideration by the QASAA board.

I do hereby relieve Queen of All Saints Parish, the QAS Activities Association board and its members from any and all liabilities, including personal injury, arising out of or pertaining to participation of your child in athletic programs and activities of Queen of All Saints in connection to this registration. 
I further authorize the manager or coach of my child's team to secure any and all necessary medical aid, assistance, or treatment for my child during any practice or game if such medical aid, assistance, or treatment is required due to any injury to my child

This is NOT for CYC sports registrations.