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Gym Monitor

Roles & Responsibilities

Safety and Liability concerns require that a QAS adult is in the building to assume responsibility anytime the gym is open.

The vast majority of the time the only action required will be to show up for the assigned shift.  Emergency situations occasionally do happen and the gym monitor is the person charged with helping game officials or phoning for appropriate assistance.  In order for game officials, coaches, players and fans to clearly understand who the gym monitor is, we ask that gym monitor wear throughout the course of their shift a bright yellow safety vest that can be found in the gym concession stand.


•The Gym Monitor is a responsible adult, 21 years of age or older, required to be on the premises whenever the Gym is open to call authorities in the event of an emergency.  Failure to have a qualified Gym Monitor on duty can result in fines, delays to game start times or even cancelled games.
• The Gym Monitor will assist the game officials to maintain order. Game officials are in charge and have the final word in any disagreement. Closer attention may be required if two teenage officials are working a game. Game officials will change throughout the Gym Monitor shift so please make yourself known to each official as they arrive at the gym so they know who to contact if the need arises.
• The Police should be contacted if a coach or fan is asked to leave the premises and does not comply. If such an event happens, please contact Mike Smith or Cindi Gerber at the numbers listed below immediately. Remember, when someone is ejected, they are required to leave the Queen of All Saints property (not just the facility).
• In the event of a storm, power outage, leaky roof or any situation that requires the officials to suspend play, support the official and call the Lay Director or another Activities Association leader listed below.
• Gym Monitors are to assist with concession stand sales when needed.
• Gym Monitors are NOT permitted to consume alcoholic beverages while on duty.
• Gym Monitors should help ensure a safe playing environment throughout their shift by picking up trash they see, emptying trash cans into dumpster at the end of the day/night & helping to clean up spills that occur. Do NOT use the dry mop to clean up spills; instead use paper towels or the wet mop with the yellow bucket.
• For Volleyball games, Gym Monitors should dry mop the floor between games. Wide dry mop is usually found the closet on West wall between the two entry doors or in the North storage area under the net.
• For Basketball games, Gym Monitors should dry mop the floor at half time and between games. Wide dry mop is usually found the closet on West wall between the two entry doors or in the North storage area under the net.
• Throughout their shift, Gym Monitors should be patrolling the lobby, gymnasium entry way & restrooms to ensure children are not playing unsupervised in these locations.  

This role and its responsibilites are subject to change without notice at the discretion of the Queen of All Saints Activities Association Board. 


Mike Smith, President 314-412-8715 
Patrick Madigan, Vice President 314-705-1529
Cindi Gerber, Concessions Manager 314-814-9994
Rick Czuppon, Volleyball Lay Director 314-369-9436
Kevin Smith, Girls Basketball Lay Director 314-581-3655
Shawn Anderson, Boys Basketball Lay Director 636-448-8521
Oakville Neighborhood Police Station  314-845-0856
Police or Medical Assistance 911




This is NOT for CYC sports registrations.