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Volleyball Rulebooks

Here is a link to the current volleyball rulebooks

Access to 2020 CYC Volleyball Rulebook 

South County Supplemental Rulebook is pending at this time





        3rd to 5th Grade - With the change in the number of serves to 5 serves maximum, clarification of the substitution rule and the use of a team line-up sheet, the 25% piece will be satisfied.

        6th to 8th Grade– All eligible players on the bench must participate in each set of each match. Failure to do so may result in forfeiture. The District Chairman or Sports Chairman has the authority to further discipline the coach or manager. Failure of a player to appear in any set may cause forfeiture of that set. It is strongly recommended that each player be allowed to play in all 6 positions before being substituted. Coaches must play each player at least 25% of each match.

**NOTE: The procedure to calculate playing time for Archdiocesan Playoff matches will be adjusted as follows:

- 5th Grade - With the change in the number of serves to 5 serves maximum, clarification of the substitution rule and the use of a team line-up sheet, the 25% piece will be satisfied. No further recording of time or points will be needed.

 - 6th thru 8th - Each player must play 24 points in each match (2 or 3 sets), but does not have to play in each set.



4.5.3    The use of artificial noisemakers shall be prohibited.


6.2.1    In 3rdand 4th Grade divisions, league matches shall consist of three (3) 25 point sets using rally             scoring, with a maximum time limit for each set of 15 minutes. The clock will start upon contact of         the ball by the server after the official’s whistle for service. The clock will be stopped during timeout             or by an officials’ time-out if conditions occur that unfairly penalize the teams in playing time (Ball         going into spectator groups, up in balconies or stages, etc.)

Sets shall end at the expiration of the 15-minute time period. A team may win by 1 or a set may end in a tie.


7.3.1    At least two minutes before the start of a match and 30 seconds prior to the expiration of the             intermission between sets, a coach submits the team’s starting line-up on a signed line-up sheet to the        second referee or scorer. For 5th Grade and below divisions, the line up sheet will indicate the order             of play of the entire team, for the entire match. Any late arriving players will be added to the bottom of the line-up sheet.    


12.4.8  3rd/4th/5th GRADE DIVISIONS

In the 3rd/4th/5th Grade Divisions, overhand serves are allowed. In any one service rotation, a maximum of five points is allowed to be scored. After the fifth point is scored a side-out will be declared. In addition, for 3rd and 4th Grade divisions, a second attempt on a missed first serve will be allowed. A miss on any subsequent attempt during that service rotation will result in a side-out.


15.3.1  5th Grade & Below Divisions

            When there are legal substitutes on the bench, a substitution must be made in position 6, via a rotational             sub procedure. Rotational sub means each time the serving team rotates, the player in position 1 (former            server) must sub out and the substitute will assume position 6. Only the serving team will substitute.        Rotation order as indicated on the team line-up will indicate the order of substitution of the players.           Each team must follow this order of players throughout the entire match. The second and third sets will            continue with the next server on the initial lineup sheet for both teams. The receiving team begins the         next set with each player in the last rotation from previous set.  The serving team advances all players one       rotation to the next server on the lineup sheet.


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