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Soccer Practice

Welcome to the Soccer Practice Schedule page.  Here you will find the schedule times for each team and on what field or assigned practice area.  

For Mon, Tue, Thu and Fri, Field #1 through Field #3 are divided into North and South to accommodate two teams each.  

  1. Field #1 has only North and South designations.
  2. Field #2 has and extra practice area, 2C, which is nestled between baseball diamonds #3 & #4.
  3. Field #3 has two extra practice areas, 3C and 3D, which are on the hill side of field #3.

Wednesday (early) evenings are reserved for U5/U6 teams, with the fields above opened for older teams starting at 8pm.  U5/U6 practice fields are smaller in size, but there are many more as the lower field is divided into many more practice areas.


Important Links 

Designated Practice Areas

Practice Schedule (1st thru HS)

Practice Schedule (U5/U6)

Additional Information for Coaches/Managers

  • Grass is cut every Thursday morning or afternoon.
  • Field striping is Thursday evening since it follows grass cutting and precedes Friday games.  Please be patient with the stripers and avoid newly striped lines.
  • Do NOT move goals.  These are placed in game positions on Thu/Fri and moved from goal mouths on Sundays to avoid excessive wear to these areas.
  • Coaches/Mmanagers, please make sure your players do NOT hang on or play on goals. This includes laying against nets, grabbing crossmembers to hang from, etc.. You are responsible for your team.
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